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“I’m looking for something else to see”

February 5, 2013

With the release of Thao & the Get Down Stay Down‘s new album, We the Common (worth a listen!) this song, ‘Holy Roller’ reminded me of lazy days in the sunshine. Sigh.

Thankfully, sunglasses can be a handy all-year round accessory (protecting eyes from the snow glare and whatnot. you know what I’m talking about.) that can make warm days feel closer than ever.
These favourites add a dash of colour too.

Persol Capri Edition

From Toronto’s @SpectacleLovesU
@PersolEyewear‘s Capri edition


From Toronto’s hidden gem, @SherryOptical
Arcadia by @EntourageOf7


From eyewear staple @Warby Parker
Rutherford in Brushed Opal


One liners & vintage cardigans

February 4, 2013


Picture 1For its varying degrees of relatability/unrelatability, ‘Girls’ does do two things outstandingly: music (recall the use of Icona Pop) and one-liners

This past weekend’s episode had a one-liner for the ages
(or an age. ha ha.):

Hannah: There are certain people who are meant to remain in your past. I made a mistake trying to repurpose you.

Elijah: Repurpose me? I’m not a vintage cardigan.

(Link to my Vine video — nope, I can’t figure out how to embed!)

Zing. Way to go Lena Dunham.

And as an added bonus, Hug You Wear has some vintage cardigan options for you all.


From Toronto shop @FasinFrankQueen
Repurposed from a high school debate team champ

Dalston Grey 009

From Toronto’s @DalstonGrey
Repurposed for a “Sassy Secretary” — 3/4 sleeves, and collar

Dalston Grey 005

From Toronto’s @DalstonGrey
Repurposed from Denise Huxtable

Wearing the pants (aka trousers)

February 2, 2013

From all the ‘outside the show’ street style snaps from the latest menswear collections shows, this woman’s style has caught my attention and admiration.
Through scouring of the internet, I believe this stylish, impeccably dressed lady is Stephanie Zhuge, from Elle China.

The layering, the menswear-style tailoring, with bold bright colours and cool feminine accents– it comes together awesomely. Inspired!


Photos by Tommy Ton (Jak & Jil Blog)

Neighbourhood Watch

January 31, 2013

magnifiedworldI read the debut novel of Toronto-based author, Grace O’Connell, Magnified World, over the holidays.
It is wonderfully written, and a compelling read, even if it does leave you with some large questions that will nag long after you have finished (consider yourself warned!). I look forward to what is next from the author.
The most wonderful part of the book is how intimately it is set in my neighbourhood of (West) Queen West— from the park, to the shops, and specific streets. It set the scene to connect with the story even more.
And unlike some movies that are set in Toronto (I may be looking at you ‘Take This Waltz‘…) it maintains the geographic integrity of the city, as the characters travel through it. That kind of stuff can be important! Hurrah!

Keep on keeping on

January 30, 2013

Month One (ie. January) of 2013 has almost come to an end.
Maybe commitment to this year’s resolutions is waning, or all the hope of a new year and fresh start is falling away.
It’s nice to have a little pick-you-up to help remind: keep on keeping on!
There are still eleven more months to do/be all you wanted to.

These canvas banners from Toronto’s Have & Hold Design might be just what is needed!

make something say yes

Click images for link to Etsy shop.

Short over Long

January 29, 2013

Awesome shots by The Sartorialist shattering the conventional way in which a short jacket can be worn with a long cardigan: short over long! Works for me.

From The Sartorialist

More Distortion

January 28, 2013

Monday Jam: Clever and fun song courtesy of Italy-based DJ from Mars.
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♥ :: Music to Button a Cardigan By

January 27, 2013

I’ve stumbled upon possibly one of the best ways two of my most favourite things have been brought together: music and cardigans. ♥.

It takes the form of ‘Music to Button a Cardigan By‘ posts from the The Tweed Pig, a blog devoted to British classics and hidden gems.
If you don’t know what is meant by that description of category, then you just have to take a listen– you’ll get it!

For your listening pleasure, are some of the songs chosen by The Tweed Pig as ‘Music to Button a Cardigan By’.
However, the commentary on the blog about each song selection really is the best part.

Might we suggest the following as an addition to the list: Ms by alt-J?