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shanae || An HYW Find

December 23, 2009

What is great about the website Etsy is discovering amazing, unique designs from talented, creative craftspeople who usually just love what they make. And they can make whatever it is for you with custom sizing, details, all one of a kind, like no retail shop could.
Not to mention that being handmade and very often with sustainability in mind, they are probably ethically made garments too.

Check out ‘shanae’ on Etsy, self described as “everyday clothing for the avant garde fashionista.” Agreed!

Best of all, shanae offers custom sizing and most items come in over 20 colors. There is a colour chart on each listing. Follow the links for more details!

These cardigans make an awesome statement– and look totally comfy.

Adore this, Cut Throat Cardigan– looks killer! :

Closed Wing Cardigan

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