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The Holiday Cardigan

December 25, 2009

A themed sweater always reminds me of an enthusiastic elementary school teacher or school librarian, keen to spread the joy of a holiday– Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day etc.– whatever it may be, not with mere words, but with a bold knitted extravaganza on their person. Where did they manage to get so many of them??

So here we go, for old times sake– and maybe a few options to update the look.

from L to R:, The Christmas Jumper Shop,

from L to R: Need Supply, Top Shop, Etsy –  by Starpompon

If you just can’t get enough, visit the Ugly Christmas Sweater Shop! Or Lars Holdus’ Christmas Sweater Collection— incredible!
To take it to the next level, why not host an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party of your own? Here is a helpful resource.

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