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Dear Friend, Happy 2010

January 1, 2010

This might have been the decade of the internet, but there is still nothing like getting a handwritten note in the mail!
Sweater-themed notecards are the perfect motivation to write that thank you card, or find a special way to let a friend or loved one know you’ve been thinking of them.

Best wishes for the new year!

From Etsy: Sweater and Scarves in Love Notecard Set by Hobo Camp Crafts

Custom Holiday Thank you Cards from Tiny Prints;

From Etsy: Argyle Jumper Girl Gift Card featuring Badge by HMC Designs (This is one of about 100 choices to select from!);

From Etsy: Shawn the Sheep White Notecards, set of 4 by Twice Heard Sheep

From Etsy: Mini Fashion Clothes Embellishment for you to make your own cards by Fashion Scraps. Lots of outfits to choose from.

From Etsy: Friends blank photo greeting card by Osha

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