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Got @Style?

February 5, 2010

This talk at Social Media Week in Toronto, ‘Having @Style, Social Media and Seismic Shifts in Fashion’ featured some engaging and diverse voices  “on the impacts of social media in the industry…everything from how Twitter and blogs have changed the delivery and consumption of fashion information to how technology has caused major shifts in the fashion landscape.”

With: Lisa Tant is the Editor-in-Chief of Flare Magazine. Susan Langdon is the Executive Director of the Toronto Fashion Incubator. Cherie Federau is the owner of Shrimpton Couture. Alexandra Palmer is the Senior Curator of Textiles & Costume at the Royal Ontario Museum.
Moderated by Jyotika Malhotra, Editor-in-Chic,

The description of the event was pretty spot on:

Lisa will be speaking about how fashion reporting and consumption have changed from traditional to social media. Susan will discuss the Social Media Guide the TFI has just put together for fashion entrepreneurs. Cherie will speak about running a successful online vintage boutique and building her brand through social media. Alexandra will offer a historical view of the seismic shifts technology has caused in fashion.

As to be expected, it was a stylishly dressed group that came to hear the conversation, and fantastic to meet & put a face to the Twitter name or online shop or blog/website. (A shoutout to My Vintage Secret!)

So here’s to the community of style aficionados (online & offline)– finding design & style inspiration from magazines, runways, history and each other!

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