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Love at first sight

March 21, 2010

At first glance, I adored the colour and simplicity of this Be Teal My Heart Cardigan on the Modcloth website.
But the real kicker for me was the incredibly entertaining description for the item– an all-encompassing expression of cardigan love!
The perfect ode to share for Hug You Wear, so read on. Thanks Modcloth!

Some girls get giddy over the perfect pair of pumps, a designer hobo bag, or anything that comes in a little blue box.
But my heart only skips a beat for the perfect cardigan.
To be honest, I had grown complacent with my rotation of black, beige, and navy blue cardigans.
They were nothing exciting, but they were reliable, and they treated me well on chilly winter nights.
Then in walked this luscious wool-blend cardigan, with its eye-popping shade of brilliant teal, and I knew my wardrobe would never be the same.
Endless outfit combos ran through my mind.
I admired its marbleized blue buttons, its tidy pockets, its cozy, worn-in feel.
We were so comfortable together. Everything just seemed so natural.
I thought of my pile of cardigans at home. How could I have these thoughts?
I tried to stifle them for a while, but finally it dawned on me.
I could never be a one-cardigan kind of gal.
-Emily, Fashion Writer

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  1. March 22, 2010 6:14 pm

    Hi hugyouwear,
    No thank you! Thank you for featuring us!! We love the support!
    ❤ Aire

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