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July 1, 2010

How excited was I to see that Douglas Coupland has designed a collection for Roots– RootsXDouglasCoupland? Very excited.

As Canadian author, artist, icon, pop culture purveyor, epitomizing nerdy chic– it only seems natural.
As someone who has devoted a lot of time trying to go beyond stereotypes and figure out what makes Canada what it is, it would be fitting on Canada Day to feature what comes closest to a cardigan in his upcoming collection (available on July 8th– and no one is paying me for this plug 🙂 )

However, I got to say, despite a very cool website, the pre-ordering only available on the Facebook shop was not my favourite.

Regardless, enjoy!

I want to present a wide open Canadian sense of colour, adventure, communication, openness that defines our country.
– Douglas Coupland

Grassroots Hoody, featuring electric crest & embroidered test pattern on the sleeeve
(in blue, pink & black)
Full Zip Hoody, also featuring the electric crest.

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