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In defense of Michelle Obama’s cardigan

January 22, 2013

While I agree that there are sometimes issues of fit with a cardigans, Michelle Obama included, I am confident that they are the correct choice, the first lady’s Reed Krakoff number included.

In response to Buzzfeed’s Will Michelle Obama’s Cardigan Become A Point Of Debate? [Thanks to The Perfect Pairing for sharing!]

The defense:

– It is an accessible alternative to the stuffiness of a suit jacket, in this context.

– Nice to see a re-wear in such close succession.

– It is a respectful choice for a weighty and significant event. Just as many would cover their arms and/or shoulders at any ceremony, or house of worship.

– Those offices can be drafty!

– Most of all, I’m sure Michelle just didn’t want to show us all up with her awesomely toned arms until later that evening at the inaugural ball(s). Thanks Michelle.

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