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January 26, 2013

There’s been lots of talk about the Internet Explorer ad, getting us all nostalgic for the 90s (Well played, Microsoft! I did get a little misty eyed about snap bracelet & the Oregon Trail), and trying to make us switch from Google Chrome (dream on!).

But lately I have been fondly recollecting one of my all time favourite TV shows from the nineties — GHOSTWRITER!

‘He’s a ghost and he writes to us…’ – Jamal Jenkins

The reading, solving crimes and diverse group of plucky kids from Brooklyn, what’s not to love??
It is possibly the kind of stuff that the nineties did best! Also, it solidified by unending adoration for PBS.

Even better, the first season is available on DVD. As the theme song says, ‘Ghostwriter! Word!’


Hug You Wear Shares: Cozy for the Weekend

January 25, 2013

Hug You Wear curated selections to: stay cozy in these wintery temperatures!


cardigan // FCUK
tea // Tealish
jeans // Joe Fresh
slipper socks // Club Monaco

watch: Desk Set (1957) – a Hepburn / Tracy classic. Always good fun & plenty of heart :: ‘ Two extremely strong personalities clash over the computerization of a TV network’s research department.’
listen: Stars – The North (2012) :: Lovely and familiar, in a good way
read: Matchbook – field guide to a charmed life (online, magazine); The Believer (print, magazine) :: both thoughtful, well-written and entertaining
do: Toronto Poetry Slam with special performance by George Elliott Clarke, Toronto’s Poet Laureate

HYW star-digan :: Miranda Kerr

January 24, 2013

mkHYW Star-digan returns! Today we recognize Miranda Kerr, heading to the airport in a bold A.L.C. cardigan.
She pairs this graphic choice with well chosen basics, and it works!

Star-digan: a celebrity or person of influence who dons a cardigan in a noteworthy way.

Ponies + Cardigans = Cute Overload + Best. Tourism. Campaign. Ever.

January 24, 2013

Gawker brought to our attention the latest ‘Death by Cute’ feature…
(Thank you to my sister for sending me the link!!!):

Scotland’s Tourism Board Knows Exactly How to Get People to Visit Scotland: Shetland Ponies in Cardigan Sweaters

Fivla and Vitamin are: ‘The cardigan-sweater-wearing Shetland ponies are the official ambassadors of VisitScotland’s new campaign celebrating Year of Natural Scotland.’

Just take a look because awesome.

Which is Fivla and which is Vitamin??

Which is Fivla and which is Vitamin??


Hop to it

January 23, 2013


Baby Gap’s latest Peter Rabbit collection is adorable.

Especially this garter-stitch cardigan, with little bunny ears.


There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.   – Beatrix Potter

Painting reality

January 22, 2013

I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality. – Frida Kahlo


This past weekend, the Art Gallery of Ontario wrapped up its exhibit of the work of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

The works were both inspirational and heartbreaking — lives full of challenges, pain and upheaval as well as immense conviction, beauty and love.

Among the exhibit were photos of Frida Kahlo. Her look was distinctive and striking. Her personal style was informed by traditional Mexican garments and colours.

In particular, the photos of Frida by photographer Nickolas Muray are memorable for their vibrancy and composition.

This one was my favourite.

The colour and textures serve as a great place to draw from to add a touch of artistic energy to your wardrobe.

anthro1Picture 2

Anthropologie; right, Winter Waves cardigan; left, Quinby Intarsia cardigan.

In defense of Michelle Obama’s cardigan

January 22, 2013

While I agree that there are sometimes issues of fit with a cardigans, Michelle Obama included, I am confident that they are the correct choice, the first lady’s Reed Krakoff number included.

In response to Buzzfeed’s Will Michelle Obama’s Cardigan Become A Point Of Debate? [Thanks to The Perfect Pairing for sharing!]

The defense:

– It is an accessible alternative to the stuffiness of a suit jacket, in this context.

– Nice to see a re-wear in such close succession.

– It is a respectful choice for a weighty and significant event. Just as many would cover their arms and/or shoulders at any ceremony, or house of worship.

– Those offices can be drafty!

– Most of all, I’m sure Michelle just didn’t want to show us all up with her awesomely toned arms until later that evening at the inaugural ball(s). Thanks Michelle.

All day

January 21, 2013

Loved seeing the Hug You Wear theme on a bus shelter ad back in November for a local gem, The Knit Cafe (yarn shop, craft resource centre, cafe).

Any skillful knitters attempting a cardigan??