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Academichic || HYW Spotlight

March 10, 2010

This time the HYW Spotlight shines on something a little bit different.
This time, it’s a blog!

Photo credit: Academichic

Academichic is a wonderful style blog, self-described as:
“Three feminist PhD candidates at a Midwest university, on a crusade against the ill-fitting polyester suit of academic yore.”

And one staple item in this mission is the cardigan!

So much so that at the beginning of March, the women at Academichic began a Fashion 101 series on cardigans, already featuring a couple of embellished & applique DIYs, playing with pattern, and a post on layering cardigans.

The looks on this site are accessible to those of us who are non-academics too– outfits and tips easily adaptable for work or leisure. A++!

A little bit of cardigan history! :
“Named after James Brundell, the Seventh Earl of Cardigan and initially part of British military uniform, the cardigan sweater has since become an important staple in women’s wardrobes.” – Academichic

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